Friday, 26 September 2014

Quilt Canada 2015 – Blown Away

Next spring, quilters from all over Canada will be coming to Lethbridge, Alberta, home to Quilt Canada 2015!  Lethbridge is a thriving community in Southern Alberta, about a 2 hour drive south from Calgary.  It is well known for its magnificent coulees (deep, naturally occurring ravines) and chinook winds (warm, dry winds that flow east from the Rockies).  


The theme for the event is, fittingly, Blown Away.  The planning committee hopes that you will be blown away by the amazing works of art in the National Juried Show, the wonderful natural beauty of Lethbridge in the springtime, the smooth organization of the event, and also by the outstanding hospitality of the people of Southern Alberta.


University of Lethbridge
The University of Lethbridge, home to the event, is a wonderful state-of-the-art facility.  Built to take advantage of the natural landscape of the coulee, it offers wonderful views of the Oldman River.  There is a recreation facility, art gallery, and a bookstore full of treasures and gifts.  The brand new Residence with guest rooms features kitchens, ensuite bathrooms, and free Wi-fi.  And, for those who love the outdoors, there are numerous coulee trails for strolling or hiking along. 

Lethbridge and its quilters are eager to share their wonderful city with quilters traveling from all over Canada, the US and overseas.  Mark it on your calendar, and be Blown Away, June 4-6 2015!

Local Organizing Committee (LOC) with their colourful pinwheels:
Back row (l-r):  Pjam Swen, Janet Thompson, Judy Barnett
Middle row (l-r): Effie Brandt, Kathy Oliver (Chair), Connie Chaplin, Diane Briscoe
Front row (l-r): Val Beasley, Teresa Petriw, Wendy Bushell

Shena Boes                                      

Monday, 15 September 2014

Time for Colour -2

The quilts for our cross-Canada (and up to the top, too) travelling show, called ‘It’s Time for Colour!’ are starting to arrive. It is obvious these quilts are made by elite quilters; masters of the art. The workmanship, the themes, and yes, the Colours are outstanding!


There will be 36 quilts in total, separated into two shows of 18 that will criss-cross Canada. The lucky folks on Vancouver Island will have a few opportunities to see them this fall, since that is where they are being assembled and prepared for their epic journey. The quilts will be shown at Satin Moon Quilt Shop October 19 – November 2, 2014 and Kaleidoscope Quilt Company at Whippletree Junction from November 3 – 16.  Other showings are being planned.

All quilts are for sale at $200 each, plus tax. Beautiful greeting cards featuring these quilts will be sold wherever the quilts are displayed. All proceeds will be donated to:  “The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada”.  In November, we will display images of all the quilts along with purchasing information. 

If you would like to visit a few of these master quilters working on their Colour quilts check out these blogs:

Janet Archibald, winner in Excellence in Domestic Machine Quilting 2013

Carol Swindon, winner of Best in Show, 2012 at:  
You can scroll down and see several posts about the quilt as it evolves or go to the most recent post at:

Kathy Wylie, winner of Best in Show, 2013, at:

Terry Aske, winner of 2104 Modern Bed or Wall quilt:

Laine Canivet

Monday, 8 September 2014

Youth Corner

 I’m excited to announce that you’re going to see regular postings about youth and quilting on the CQA/ACC blog.  We’ll keep you up to date on news, shows and events that affect youth.  You’ll meet young quilters and the quilters who teach them.  We’ll have Show & Tell to celebrate the successes of our young quilters and to let them know how important they are to our quilting community.  We want you to share your creativity with a young person so we’ll offer tips and project ideas to inspire you.  

Let’s start with a link to a tutorial on “How to Get Kids Loving Quilting at a Young Age”.  It’s written by our President, Jackie White, and offered free on Craftsy.  You can find it here.  It’s a wonderfully, simple project using crayons and markers. Don’t forget to send me a photo of your child’s block(s).


Now, let’s have Show & Tell.  You met Daniel Vincent, in the current issue of The Canadian Quilter.  You can see how much he’s enjoying the quilt he made with his mother during March break.



Alexa Kalist was the Middle School winner of our 2014 Cantik Batiks Youth Challenge.  I know you’re all familiar with her winning “Green Eggs and Ham” quilt.  Here’s another quilt made by this talented quilter.


The 2015 Cantik Batiks Youth Challenge is underway.  You can read about it here.  Did you know that, as a CQA/ACC member or member shop, you could win a free one-year membership renewal simply by sponsoring the entry that wins Viewers’ Choice.  The theme this year is “My Favourite Animal”.   I’d like to thank Cantik Batiks/CSM for donating such generous projects prizes?


Here’s Alexa with the Cantik Batik prizes she won this year.  Alexa has been a huge help to me by offering ideas on how we can interest young people in quilting.  We’ll be sharing those in future postings.


I’m always looking for stories about youth and quilting.  Do you have a photo for Show & Tell?  Would you like to honour someone who teaches youth or a young quilter who is passionate about quilting?  Do you have tips and project ideas to offer?  Does your shop or guild work with youth?  You can write it yourself or have me write it for you.  Whatever the story, I’d love to know about it. 
Thank you for taking some time from your busy day.  If you have any questions about this post or the 2015 Cantik Batiks Youth Challenge you can contact me, Jo Ferguson.

Jo F

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

News Flash! News Flash!

We’ve just heard there’s a book being released Sept. 2, 2014 that features some of our Canadian quilters’ works.  The book, titled “500 Traditional Quilts” by Karey Patterson Bresenham, shows off several quilts from Beth Cameron (Mantioch/Ottawa ON), Kathy Wylie (Oshawa ON), Joan Dorsay (Ottawa ON), Judy Martin (Sheguiandah ON), Dawn Fox Cooper (Procter BC), Lawna L Collins (Kamloops BC) and the Marigold Appliquers of BC. What a wonderful collection of Canadian quilters! Some of these names I recognize as being entrants, and even winners, in our CQA/ACC National Juried Show - not surprising!

Beth is excited about her 2 quilts that are featured in this book.  She says:
The first one is called 'Shining Stars' from a pattern of the same name by Lydia Quigley. Mine was made with over 200 fabrics, all with metallic or fairy frosts. I am very good at the buying part.
The second one is My Kinda Town II.  It is my own design and all the houses have clever names. You probably saw it in the NJS in Halifax. It was also in the Grand National 2013. The original, which I call the night version, was in the Ontario Juried Show in 2005. I am currently working on Versions 3 and 4. My students keep giving me so many good ideas in my classes I have to make them into another version of the quilt! Version 3 will be a wall hanging, much more manageable size for students, and Version 4 will be a Christmas-themed one. I have created a pattern for this, the day version... I’m delighted to be a part of it!

Kathy Wylie has 3 quilts in this book as well - Flourish on the Vine, The Lord is My Shepherd and Instruments of Praise. She comments- It is truly an honour to be included in this compilation of 500 Traditional Quilts.
Looking up Dawn Fox Cooper on the internet, I found a “youtube video” of an interview with her on one of the sites where her quilt was entered. She has also been a winner of our NJS in 2009 for Excellence in Workmanship: Handquilting  - 1st place.

Judy Martin is part of Manitoulin Island Culture group, promoting her island, but also uses the plants to dye her fabrics in her works. See more about this on her website and  blog ( Her quilts in the book are: Something More Magical Than It Ever Was (1991) and Flesh and Blood (2003). Read more about the book on Judy's blog

Never Again...Again - photo by Roland Dorsay
Joan Dorsay has already gotten her copy and is very pleased to see so many Canadian quilts in one book. The picture here is her contribution.

The Marigold Appliquers who are from BC are also featured in this book.

There is a travelling exhibition of the quilts from this book - one stop is Houston at the end of October and Beth just has to go to see “her babies”.

ps this book is available through for $16.95.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Trend-Tex Challenge 2015

2015 CQA/ACC Trend-Tex Challenge is almost here.  We’re getting excited! 

But do you know what the "Trend-Tex Challenge" is? If you are a new member, you may not know that the people at Trend-Tex Fabrics Inc. donate bolts and bolts of 5 different fabrics (that Linda S gets to choose). A CQA/ACC member purchases 5 fat quarters, and makes a small wall quilt based on the theme for the year.   The quilt is sent to the Vice President who puts them on display at the annual Quilt Canada conference. Bidding through a silent auction allows visitors to purchase a quilt or two for their own.

This year’s theme is “Blowing in the Wind”.   

This year's fabrics, that we’ve chosen have arrived, been quickly unpacked, photographed, and then cut into fat 1/4s. We even had a team of cutters from the Penticton Quilters’ Guild  (thanks gals!) to help with this mammoth task. The fabrics are now in kits and packaged, waiting for your order. 

The boxes of fabric have arrived.

Folding the fabric

Penticton Quilters cutting the fabric.

 Order your kit online beginning on Oct. 1st if you are a CQA/ACC member and Nov. 1st if you are a non-member.

The fabric all in neat piles ready to be put in packages.
And when your kit arrives, you will need some ideas for what is “Blowing in the Wind”. Thinking of Lethbridge, AB, where Quilt Canada 2015 will be held on June 4-6, 2015, you might include such things as wind, kites, clouds, wind turbines, leaves, grain fields, dust and then let your imagination extend even further - the sky’s the limit.


All these works of art will be sent to Linda Schmidt (Vice President) to get ready for the Silent Auction in Lethbridge.
Linda is very excited about this challenge and hopes you are too! She can’t wait to receive your entryies to see how you interpret our theme “Blowing in the Wind”.

A GREAT BIG “THANK YOU” to Trend-Tex Fabrics Inc. for sponsoring this exciting challenge!!  And for 27 years too!!!   
Thank you Trend-Tex Fabrics Inc.!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

It’s Time for Colour!

CQA/ACC is hitting the road! 
 We want people all across this country to know who we are and what we do! What better way than to showcase our amazing talent by sending two quilt shows travelling from one end of the country to the other and up to the top. The shows will hit most of the provinces and territories between January 2015 and May 2015 before they end up at Quilt Canada in Lethbridge Alberta June 4 – 6, 2015. ( So far, they will be shown in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island. And maybe a couple more – just not arranged yet!
Every quilt will be made by a quilter who has won an award at our prestigious Canadian National Juried Show. See this year’s winners at

 These master quilters are generously donating a 12” by 16” quilt based on the theme ‘It’s Time for Colour!'  Our Regional Representatives will arrange showings of the quilts in their areas of the country. Each show will be displayed at quilt guilds, quilt shops, galleries, community centres, churches, libraries etc. Exact locations are still being worked out.

It gets better!!
All quilts will be for sale for $200 each, plus tax. Beautiful greeting cards featuring the quilts will also be sold wherever the quilts are displayed. All proceeds will be donated to a most worthy organization:  “The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada” (  In November, we will display images of all the quilts along with purchasing information.

We plan to tell you more about these talented Canadian artists and their quilts as they are being made and as they travel across the country. Sign up to follow this blog so you don’t miss anything.

Just as a teaser, you can go and see what Maggie Vanderweit  and Coreen Zerr have done so far.

Laine C.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Meet Another CQA/ACC Board Member

                   “Whatever you do, do with your might.
                 Things done in halves are never done right!”

This rhyming couplet describes Marilyn Michelin’s philosophy of life. Whatever the task, she is able to focus and pour all her energy into it until completed. Sometimes the task was raising a son as a single mom and earning a university degree while teaching full time.  Sometimes the task was organizing food for a school BBQ for 500 people. Sometimes the task was a 3 year project to host Quilt Canada at Brock University.

You’ve guessed it. Marilyn is a detailed organizer. 

My Jinny Beyer Quilt - Around the World
Her quilting room is organized with bins of fabric according to colour or season. Her threads, rulers, templates, batting all have their place. She generously shares these resources with others who are learning to quilt or are in need of material. Her completed quilts are stashed high in a closet or out on display for all to enjoy.

Loyalty is an attribute that Marilyn possesses as well. Her loyalty is evident in the care of her family or organizations for which she has volunteered to serve using her computer and organizing skills.
She loves living by policies and bylaws which keep an organization running smoothly. This organization could be the flying club, the teachers’ union or the local quilting guild. Yes, Marilyn had a pilot’s licence, is a retired teacher and a past president of Niagara Heritage Quilters’ Guild.
  As a quilter, this is
    M - many quilts          
    A - affirming others    
    R - resources             
     I - independent          
     L - loyalty                   
    Y - yards and yards   
    N - neat stacks.          
Some of my quilts

A new challenge energizes Marilyn. Her newest challenge is serving on the board of directors for CQA/ACC as Director at Large. Her many talents and years of experience will be an asset to the board where she will give generously of her time and resources.

Evelyn Lawrence
Friend of Marilyn

Rug Class with Al Cote, displayed in my garden
My First Landscape